Cargo GSSA Service


Our highly experienced and proactive sales teams will help achieve your goals by carrying out a wide variety of sales activities.

  • Customer development
  • Targeted sales campaigns
  • Local and international trade shows-representation
  • Trade relations building
  • Training and Agent Award
  • Sales reporting

With an in-depth knowledge of the business and social cultures of the countries in which it operates, IGS AIR LTD is ideally suited to carry out all your marketing requirements.

  • Market surveys
  • Marketing evaluations
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Branding and customer events
  • Customer management

Operations is the heart of our business with professional and trained personnel.

  • Dedicated reservation and customer service team
  • Data entry to airline system
  • Flight plan
  • Build-up supervision
  • Weight and balance
  • Supervision on loading & unloading
  • Cargo track and trace
  • Clams handling

Advertising campaigns can be tailor-made under airline’s guidance.

  • Brochures and printed materials in a variety of languages
  • Acting as your spokesperson and local liaison
  • Membership in applicable organization
  • Product launch events
  • Website design and internet advertising
  • Local cargo media advertisement
  • Airline exclusive souvenirs

Our professional financial and accounting systems ensure the provision of bank guarantees and timely remittance of monies due.

  • Billing and collection services
  • Provision of bank guarantees
  • Timely remittance of monies due
  • Preparation and provision of required sales and accounting reports
  • Air waybill stock inventory