Cargo GSSA Service

IGS Air custom-craft marketing and sales strategies align with the airline principal’s vision and values, ensuring that you always stand out in the market. Our foremost priority is to ensure that the airline's cargo space is used to its maximum potential. Through our expert analysis and effective sales strategies, we ensure that the revenue is also maximized. We also guarantee that all cargo handled by IGS Air is prepared, packed, and transported in strict compliance with IATA standards. Our commitment to safety ensures peace of mind for both the airline and the customers relying on our services.

IGS Air Limited functions as cargo business seller and as service supplier on behalf of airline principals. IGS Air commits to provide the following services:

Sales & Marketing

Our highly experienced and proactive Sales and Marketing team will help you goals by carrying a wide variety of sales activities. Likewise, our Marketing team will create a tailor-made marketing strategy to promote our airline principal's services in the territory.


Operation is the heart of our business with professional and trained staff. Aside from the close collaboration among our team, cargo terminal and the ground handling agent, we can also ensure that we comply to the rules and regulations in the territory set by the governing authorities.


Our Professional financial and accounting system ensure the provision of bank guarantees and timely remittance based on the terms agreed between us and our principal. In addition, we can also present an accurate cargo sales report to our principal and ensure that the AWB stock is being monitored and controlled.