Value Added Service

Interline Program — SPA Agreement

Our extensive experience of assisting airlines in signing SPA Agreement can facilitate the cooperation between airlines and extend the service to cover more off-line destinations. Being an expert we can develop solutions to help our principal increase their share of interline revenues and reduce their share of interline costs.

Road Feeder Service

Road Feeder Services is essentially part of the last-mile trip for air shipments executed on the ground. It provides a vital link between airports and distribution centers and adds an extra layer of reliability to global supply chains. RFS can significantly reduce transit time by providing a direct connection between airports and customer locations. It also helps to reduce operational costs associated with air cargo delivery by optimizing the route network and reducing direct overhead costs. We provide comprehensive domestic and crossborder RFS that enable faster delivery while maintaining quality standards

Assist the Airline Principal in Obtaining Required Permit from Local Authority

We are highly confident that we can assist our principal in acquiring the important certifications that they need for their operations. For example, for the airline to be able to move DG, ELM and ELI cargos, we can assist for the application for DG permit from the Civil Aviation Authority on behalf of the principal. Likewise, we can also assist to apply for the landing permit and slot application to ensure a smooth process of the airline’s operations in the territory.

GHA (Ground Handling Agent) Supervision and Management

We ensure smooth execution of ground handling services. Wezz adhere to strict protocols, operational standards, and service level agreements. We manage the coordination and communication between GHA's, airlines, airport authorities, and other stakeholders to facilitate seamless operation. GHA supervision and management contribute to the overall efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction in ground handling operations at airports.